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About Us
Gieffecolor was established in 1990 and soon made a name for itself as a leader in the color-processing field. The company's consummate professionalism and dynamism allowed it to expand its market share, which in turn made it necessary for it to enlarge its facilities. In 1996, Gieffecolor moved to Grumello del Monte (BG), where it had found a suitable base to enable it to boost its production output and to develop innovative, high-quality techniques.

Gieffecolor has a fifteen-strong staff team, and while it currently gears its offering mainly towards the Italian market, it is developing new policies that will soon allow it to make its mark internationally.

Gieffecolor's corporate approach encompasses four basic characteristics: innovation, dynamism, professionalism and quality. Naturally, the company also continues to focus on value-for-money – a factor that has been instrumental in delivering excellent customer satisfaction from the outset.
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